Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Wrapup

Our day at Sams started off slow but got better as the day progressed. The Italian Sausage didn't go over like I wanted it too but the chicken wings were a hit. We sold out of wings first and people were raving about our baked beans as well. Saturday wasn't a sell out and it was so hot and the weather wasn't the best either. Let me tell you how my day started though I got my van stuck in the ditch in our front yard-like a dummy I misjudged spacing in our yard to turn it around. When we got to Sams we had another vendor in our spot so we had to share space(not that I minded).Pulled pork did good as usual and we had more than a few request for potato salad(which we didn't have that day)and we took bruswick stew which got mixed reviews. We have two weeks left doing these fundraisers but we have some other things in the works and I will let you guys know about as more light is shed on them.

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