Thursday, June 10, 2010

Next to last weekend at Sams

This will be our next to last weekend at Sams club and I an depressed about it we have had such a good time doing the CMN fundraisers. This week we will be doing pulled pork as usual and going to spice things up with a wing weekend. We had such good success with the wings last weekend that I have tripled the amount we will be taking. We sold out of wings in the first hour and a half so I thought why not make them a feature and see how we do. We will also be offering the Italian Sausage for the second week but not at the quanity we did last week. I am thinking of offering a silent auction for our last week to feed a family and 10 friends but I need to work out the kinks so I am not giving away a party for $20. I really want to Thank Rochelle for all her help this past 5 weeks and I hope we can do this many times in the future. We have learned so much doing this and the experience has been priceless. We are looking foreward to the future of 57 Smokehouse and this has opened many doors for us. The sky is the limit from now on and our focus will always be customer service and not profit.

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