Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fruit Throwdown

This weeks throwdown is Fruit and Amber has made an excellent entry, Stone Fruit Cobbler. She started off with peaches,apricots and mangos,I was already doing steaks on the kettle so the stage was set for some awesome grilled fruit. The fruit stayed on the grill for about 2 mins a side and then came off before they got too charred. The intense heat of the grill really caramelized the natural sugars in the fruit and made their sweetness intense. The fruit was then chopped and mixed with cinammon and sugar and a little water then into the pan. The cobbler part consisted of Flour,Milk,Sugar and Almond Extract and she popped it in the oven til it was golden brown and delecious. I haven't entered the throwdowns in a couple of weeks but my time has been consumed with the Sams Club cooks I will be back next week in full force.

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