Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend the wrap up.

We had a spectacular Memorial Day Weekend we attended Morgans birthday party and Bobby and I cooked MOINK balls on his UDS and shared a couple of beers and watched the children play. Sunday was a blast Amber and I decided to do a Low Country Boil we put a big pot on the turkey fryer and put potatos and corn and onions as well as Old Bay seasoning. Then came the sausage,crawfish,shrimp and then crab legs as well as mussels. I also did some chicken quarters for the childern. We spent the majority of the day in the pool before the skies opened up and let it rip. Monday our menu was Baby Back ribs,potato salad,cole slaw,fruit salad and baked beans. The ribs were probably the best I have cooked in over a year. Bobby,Rochell,Morgan and Ryan joined us both days at Dads and we ate like pigs. We caught frogs,turtles and fireflies,it was like being a kid again.

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