Monday, June 14, 2010

Sams was hot as Hades

Saturday at Sams was so hot I was surprised we sold as much food as we did. I guarentee I lost 5lbs just in sweat and I know 15 bottles of water had to go into my body.Enough about the heat,we had the second best day since we started this fundraising. The chicken wings were a big hit again and we went through almost every Italian sausage we had, pulled pork went well also. I came home with very little food and the sides blew out just as fast as the meat did (potato salad and baked beans). Next week is our last schedueled week to do this at Sams and I want to take it out in grand fashion but I have no plans as of yet, I'll keep you guys posted. %7 smokehouse has alot of irons in the fire now this summer should be an intresting one and I will keep everyone up to date as our goings on.

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