Thursday, May 6, 2010

Whats New for 57 Smokehouse.

For the next 6 weeks the 57 Smokehouse crew (Amber and I) will be busy on Saturdays cooking for our local Sams Club fundraiser. We were contacted this week and was asked to cook for the Childrens Miracle Network fundraiser. Sams is providing all we need to accomplish this feat so we will be doing pulled pork,cole slaw and our sauce. This is a GREAT oppurtunity for us to get our name and food out to the masses as well as valuable time for practice. We will be serving this Saturday from 10am-2:30pm an abbreviated time but I have inventory at Staples this Saturday. I will start a case (8) of butts Friday about 4pm and let the chug along all night. As we figure we should be able to get about 200 sammie out of 8 butss maybe a little less and that should make CMN a little money our first time out and hoping the amount increase week to week. We will be taking orders for whole butts as well as by the pound and offer sides. Fathers Day and memorial day being right around the corner I am hoping we can pick up some orders. I will be also sell my UDS smokers at a great price and try taking orders on those. This is a great oppurtunity to grow our business. Wish us luck.

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