Monday, May 3, 2010

Good looking ribs

SUNDAY the second of May was a day that yeilded lessons to be learned. The day started harmless enough with two racks of spareribs and a cold beer. The spares were trimmed down to St.Louis style and membranes were discarded,next came a generous application of Ambers rib rub and wrapped for a couple hours in the fridge. I then fired up the UDS with kingsford and split pecan and got it chugging along at 225. This cook I utilized both racks in the UDS,rib tips went on the lower rack and the two racks went on the top. Amber had taken the boys to the movies and Makenns and I stayed home so I could cook. The ribs went on at 5 after 3 and cooked beautifully. Two hours into the cook I pulled the rib tips off after a liberal saucing. HERE IS WHERE THE TROUBLE STARTS... The two rack still had a few hours to go since I was doing a comp practice run. I go into the kitchen to find our sauce Amber makes for our ribs and all I found was the pulled pork sauce(yes we make our own sauces). I texted Amber to find out if we had anymore of the sauce and guess what FRESH OUT. Plan B had to come into play so I decided to use the SPECIAL SAUCE we get when we judge GBA competetions. Amber says I never put enough sauce on the ribs so I was determined to sauce these good so I did. These were some good looking ribs but little did I know that the sauce was way too spicy for what I was doing.
Lesson 1-Don't run out of sauce
Lesson 2-When using an unfamiliar sauce- TRY IT FIRST

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