Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sam's Club Update

We had the best time at Sam's this Saturday Selling our BBQ for the Childrens Miracle Network fundraiser. Let me start from the beginning,We picked up a case of Boston Butts from Sam's on Thursday along with cole slaw fixings and charcoal and headed for the house to get ready for a big cook. Amber had to work that night so rubbing the butts was my job luckily I have rubbed alot of butts in the past. We use our homemade rub for all our BBQ applications so it was time to get dirty. It took me about an hour to get all eight butts rubbed down and wrapped in plastic wrap and into the cooler for a 20 hour rest. Friday got here and work came and went and I was ready to get cooking. I pulled all 4 UDS around to the front of the house ,set up the table and got ready to fire up two smokers. The butts went on the smokers about 4:30 at 225 degrees. The good thing about a UDS is that you don't have to babysit it as it holds constant temps for a long time. I checked the temps about 2:30 and they were stalled at 160 so I knew it was ok to go to bed. I got up about 9am and checked temps 7 were at 195 and one at 190 so I pulled and foiled wrappped in towels and coolered. I arrived at Sam's around 10:30 and we got set up,I had taken two UDS with me for display purpose and to hopefully sell. We started selling well before I got done setting up so I was hopeful it was going to be a great day and it did not disappoint. Rochelle was our Sam's host and she did a bang up job helping me sell the whole time we were there. We went through 6butts pulled for sandwichs and we sold two whole and went through a load of cole slaw and chips. We did so god they have invited us back to do the same for next weekend and we are so excited. Updates as well as pictures will be posted as soon as we have time,nothing like being busy cooking and selling BBQ.

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