Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saturday Was A SELL OUT

We had such a great time saturday at Sams it was well worth the time it took to cook all that food. We got there and was informed that the associates were being served free pizza from the snackbar for meeting their 30 day safety review. Rochell(our Sams sponsor) was pissed and almost in tears. We assured her that we would still have a great day,so we pulled a grill to the sidewalk and fired it up for asthetics purposes only. Amber took the first butt out of the cooler and not long after the line started. We sold out of pulled pork pretty fast but we were also selling chicken quarters just as fast and the potato salad and beans were a hit also. We had GBA members stop by and buy some plates(thanks Mr. Giles and his wife)from us and made a big contribution to CMN. We are going to take this weekend off from fundraising though ,I really don't want to but it is a holiday weekend and most people will be making their own BBQ. I have no idea what our plans are for the memorial day weekend but rest assured it will involve cooking. I am in the mood for RIBS.

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