Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday and what to do

Well the rain has finally let up and maybe I can break out the smokers. I am at an impass on what to cook, do I want to go long or short burn or take it easy with apps. I was thinking of doing ribs but I have been practicing with those for over a month and think I need to change it up. I might go get a bag of chicken quarters and try those on the UDS I haven't done those yet and they won't go to waste. We don't cook chicken in the GBA for comps but we are thinking about joining the KCBS and it is one of their catagories so practice would be welcomed. I got UDS #2 to break in and Amber wants to learn to use these things and today would be a perfect day to show her. I am so thankful she shows intrest in my not-so-new found hobby(obsession) and she wants to learn more about it. I will let you know how the day progresses.

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