Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Monday YIPPEEEEEE!!!!

Well I have survived another wet weekend here In Macon and cooked absolutley nothing. I will make up for the lack of productivity this week, this is what I have planned- tomorrow I will be making a lasagna fattie recipe thanks to a member of the brethren and while the UDS is hot might as well do a rack of St.Louis style ribs (practice). I also started soaking a corned beef brisket tonight for pastrami on Wednesday. I think all we need is some green beer and we will be set for St.Patricks day. The new throwdown catagory is FOWL and I think Amber wants to do her Asian inspired duck. This should be a busy week for my UDS as well as Amber and I. I will post results of the cooks as soon as they happen. Have a good week and for heavens sakes smoke something.

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