Sunday, October 2, 2011


This weekend was the Gordon Fall Line Festival BBQ contest sponsored by the GBA in beautiful Gordon Ga.  With the GBA season coming to a close in a few weeks this was going to be a good chance to make some points for the Team of the Year standings. 57 Smokehouse was fully loaded for this contest with the addition of Brent Cannon(Kinchafoonee Cookers) and Glen and myself as the cooks for the three catagories. The weather was going to be beautiful this weekend and it was about time we were tired of being hot and sweaty. There were only gonna be thirteen teams there this contest but most were the bigger names so we knew the competition was gonna be tough and it did'nt disappoint. I will say this was a very well organized contest (except for the bathroom situation) and the hospitatlty was top notch. Bobby and I of course got lost getting to a contest 20 miles from the house(imagine that) but we finally found our way there and got set up. We had a huge camp site and made the most of we had, a prep area, a cook area and a TV area for college gameday and still had a butt load of room left over. The cooking duties went as such Brent was in charge of cooking the Pork Loin....Glen had the pulled pork.... I had rib duty. We were doing the chicken ancillary catagory and there was only three of us cooking it so it was WINNER TAKE ALL for this Friday night cook. I thought our product hands down was spectacular and was gonna be real hard to beat(but it got beat).  The night went smooth and the meat got preped in a timely manner and we had alot of time to sit and talk BBQ and strategy. It was a pleasure to have Brent cooking with us this trip and he brought alot to the team and taught us alot about cooking loin and was a true pleasure to be around. I will say that the teams around us got introduced to the Genie Bra most of the night as we forgot to turn the tv off and left the volume a wee bit loud (sorry guys). The morning started early as they usually do even though yours truely slightly overslept but got going at a slower pace than usual. The first turn in was loin and Brent was up to bat and guys let me tell you he cooked the best loin I have ever put in my mouth. Pulled pork was next and Glen was bringing a modified recipe to the table for this contest and it hands down was top quality product. Ribs was the final catagory so that put me on the hot seat and I knew I had my hands full to match the previous two turn ins but they didnt disappoint. I can honestly say the three boxes of meat we turned in this weekend gave the most hope of  making the finals as I have had in a long time. I was proud of the product we put out and will put it up agianst anyones BBQ in any sanctioning group.


To recap the weekend I thought we produces the best BBQ we have turned in to date and the team performed without a hitch. I would also like to say congratulations to HOLY SMOKERS  for their first Grand Champion. You guys deserve it and we are proud to call you colleagues and friends.

I have no idea if this will be the last contest of the season for us but if it is I can honestly say this has been an adventure and just chapter 1 for 57 smokehouse. The learning curve has been huge and we have made vauable friendships through this journey. I would also like to thank GREENS ELECTRIC again for the sponsorship this year without you guys we could not have done this.

57 Smokehouse Team
Alan Walker
Amber Walker
Glen Musick
Bobby Wright
Chuck Green
and special guest star
Brent Cannon

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