Friday, September 23, 2011

Fort Valley quick review

The Hambone Jam was a blast there were alot of talented teams and the competetion was stiff. The city of Fort Valley really put a great contest, it was organized and very professionally run. The GBA also did a spectacular job on sanctioning this event. The weather was seansonably comfortable and made cooking and hanging out in camp a joy. We cooked a new Loin recipe that got us a 6th place finish. I overcooked the ribs and got my first negative comment card. The pulled pork was excellent and Glen and Amber put together a spectacular box. I was very proud to see close friends of ours (Smokin Willy Squealers) take the Grand for their first time. The kids had a great time hanging with us this weekend and glen had Ayden howling like a wolf at every turn in time. Overall we had a blast and looking forward to Gordon.

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