Monday, May 23, 2011

Plains Ga

We had a Great time in Plains Ga this weekend and it all starts with the friendship and advice of Carl Williams and the Smoking Willey Squealers BBq team. This weekend was hot and full of gnats but could have been alot worse if we had not listened to Carl about setting up in the park under the shade and right by the restrooms. Amber being 7 months pregnate and going to cook these contest with us we had to think about her needs first and Carl stepped up to the plate for us and he has no idea how much we appreciate it. What made this weekend different from our other contest this year is we cooked exclusively on UDS (Ugly Drum Smokers) and used some new recipes to boot. Bobby and I pulled in about 1:30pm on friday and went and found Carl in the park and got inspected before we could even starting unloading the truck(thanks Dan). We got the camp set and waited on Chuck and Amber to get there to start preping the meat so we had a couple of beers and walked around Plains.They had a street party during the evening and my guys went and had a great time Amber andI stayed in camp. I finally got to get to sleep some during a contest and it made a big difference the next morning for firing up the two UDS for ribs and loin. Turn in time came around and we made them all in the nick of time with hopes of doing better this contest and maybe getting to walk this time. You would be amazed how the smallest mistake can cost you in the long run in a BBQ contest. Finals came round and we didnt make any but that will change in time so we sat and waited for awards and it was hot but we did have a distraction. It was another friend of ours birthday and we shared cake with Glen Musick of Kudzu Q and his wife. Finals came and started with pork loin (we got no call) then to pulled pork (again no call) and I was startin to get a little upset. Ribs was the next to be called and I knew this was our last and best shot and sure enough we took 6th in ribs and got to meet President Jimmy Carter and his wife. Overall it was a great weekend and had a blast with my team and the new friends we have made this seasonbut we are off until September(not happy bout that) but will give Amber a chance to relax and have Parker... More updates to come........Alan

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