Sunday, April 24, 2011

Barnesville BBQ and Blues

We had a blast at our first FBA event this weekend and well worth our time. It was a little different with the new catagories we had to cook (Chicken and Brisket). Chicken was the worst of the day almost placing DAL but a learning experiencen and brisket was a hard second worst. We did pretty good in butts and ribs. We had some great neighbors with The PitCrew and Jacks Old South and a most entertaining time with my team. We picked up some GREAT equipment this weekend (thank you Chuck) with getting a thermapen,and two really good knifes. We got the chance to have a good conversation this weekend with Myron Mixon(Jacks Old South) and got to see some of the bigger teams of the BBQ world. In the end we placed 35th out of 49 teams but our scores are on the rise and for our fifth comp I am not disappointed. MORE TO COME FOLKS

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