Monday, March 14, 2011


The Fire Ant Festival in Ashburn Ga. is two weeks out and this will be 57 Smokehouse BBQ second event and we are jacked about cooking again. I have'nt made alot of adjustments to our flavor profiles but some major changes on the timing aspect of the cook.I learned alot at the Dublin contest about how different cooking at a comp is a world away from cooking in your driveway. I would like to thank Carl Williams from SmokingWilly Squealers for the great conversation and a little insight into the comp world I may not have seen. This festival is going to be a large event and in its 17 year and should be a blast for the whole family. The Fire Ant Festival has Friday night events so this will be our first attempt at our Sauce,Brunswick Stew and Chicken,all of these are Ambers specialties. Next weekend will be practice cook time again and I need it with the Pork Loinand work on the timing with the ribs... I will keep you guys posted...

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