Sunday, March 6, 2011

24th out of 36 in Dublin

The Dublin contest was an adventure in fun and learning. We placed 24th with our highest score coming in Pulled Pork and our lowest in Pork Loin. Our ribs were really good but could have stayed on the smoker for another 30 mins and they would have been perfect. We had a GREAT radio interview with Darryl Mast of BBQ Superstars please go and take a listen under the Dublin interviews. I would like to thank Chuck Green of Greens electric for coming out and having a great weekend with us and for sponsoring the 57 Smokehouse BBQ team as well as the rest of the team. Amber assymbled all the turn in boxes and they were very professionally done. We met alot of good people we are friends with on Facebook and The BBQ Brethren, We had great neighbors in the teams of Kudzu Q and B&T BBQ teams(sorry if we got a little loud). Timing seemed to be our downfall this weekend and something that I will get better at with practice. I really want to thank my whole team for the effort and I promise we will bet better the futher we get into the season.


Alan Walker-Head Cook
Amber Walker-Head Cook/Presentation
Chuck Green(Green Electric) Sponsor/inspiration and support
Bobby Wright-UDS Division/Right Hand Man
Kerry White-Beer and Ice Guy
Mitch Harris-True inspiration and the voice of reason
Cody King-practical jokes thats gonna get him killed
Mike Brown-Just Thank You for giving me the opportunity to make a dream a reality....Thanks Brother
Jill Walker- Photography and Designs

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