Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vacation was a blast

Amber and I took the kids down to Mexico Beach Fla. for 5 days and we had a blast. We left Macon right after Amber got off work Friday night and drove down to meet dad in Tallahassee. We made the trip in about 3 1/2 hours and on a quarter tank of gas in my big van. We left Tallahassee about 10am and headed for the beach the trip went real fast and we got there real early and had to wait for the house. We had lunch at Mango Marleys and it was OK at best,we got the house about 1:30 and we unloaded and headed for the ocean. The wind was a factor and the waves were real rough but the boys had a great time getting there butts kicked by the ocean. We stayed at the Dunes #6 and it was nice,we have stayed at this complex before but was our first time in this unit. Money was real tight for us on this trip so concentrated our attention on the kids having a good time and we believe they did. I can honestly say this is the first trip in a long time where seafood was not a factor but that's ok with me amd neither was fishing or crabbing but when you got little ones priorities change and thats ok too. I want to thank my dad and my sister and her husband for making this trip possible for us. Ok back to BBQ and I have alot to catch up on so expect a bunch of post in a very short time.

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