Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brethren Trade

Amber and I have been members of an online BBQ forum since December. The BBQ Brethren has been the best information I have ever received on BBQ,smoking,rubs sauces heck you name it. What makes this place special is you are never looked down upon no matter what question you have about anything pertaining to but not limited to BBQ. You have a wide variety of subjects you can join in on,You have a catering question there's a section for that,wanna talk Q section for that,wanna let off steam yep section for that. One of our favorite things is the throwdown:A topic is chosen lets say Surf and Turf ,anyone can join in just cook(smoke or grill)something pertaining to the topic post your pics and sit back a have fun. When the time limit is up you get to vote on the best presentation. The winner gets a certificate and the choice of the next topic and of course braggin rights. Amber and I got involved in the trading post this time,you sign up and get matched with someone from across the country and you trade regional rubs and sauces with each other. Our partner this time was in Indiana,we sent them a variety of Ga. specialties as well as our homemade rubs and sauces. We received our package today with a variety of goodies from Indiana(see picture)we will definitly do this again. In closing I would like to tell you guys what I admire the most about this group of people. It is VERY much a family oriented site and is heavily moderated and I for one am glad to see this there is too much trash on the net and I'm glad to be able to talk what I love and not worry about putting up with a bunch of crap. I would like to thank everyone there for their fellowship and friendship.

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  1. Thanks, we also enjoyed the items you have sent as well