Friday, January 8, 2010

The goal of this blog

Well here we are day three of my new blog. It's time to outline the goal that I want to achieve. The new competetion season opens in March for the GBA and I have stated that this year I will cook instead of judge. There is alot that needs to happen for us to do this. I got a good lead on a cooker that I have been wanting. It is owned by a friend of my dads who is also a judge with the GBA. He says its been cooked on only 5 times. It's a 250 gal reverse flow offset smoker trailer perfect for what we want to do. He wants us to come and look at it and discuss price. I'll keep you updated on how this turns out (fingers crossed). Next is getting Ambers Saturn Vue tow ready that shouldn't cost the much I guess. The family helped us out a bit at christmas with the small stuff. Jeff(brother)and Ronnie(dad) got us a couple of nice pairs of welders gloves and a good probe thermometer. Amber gave me a monster chimney and a rib rack but those are for home use. I loved them anyway thanks baby. I'm gonna start pricing 100 quart coolers need at least 2 of them gotta keep the beer cold as well as the meat. Sounds like a trip to Sams club is in my future Amber will be happy she loves that place. Well gonna cut it short tonight and watch the kids play the wii. More tomorrow Alan

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