Friday, March 9, 2012


What a BLAST we had in Perry for the Pigs and Wings contest. As you would expect the weather was a force to be reckoned with, little rain,wind and alot of cold but it was fun. The turn out for this contest was phenominal with 59 teams cooking and a total of 8 catagories to enter. It felt so good to be back in competition and seeing all of our great friends. things started right off the bat with turn ins for Brunswick Stew ,Margaritas and Desert being on Friday night so we were busy the whole time. We were cooking on the UDS smokers and we fought them the whole night due to the cold and a poor choice of fuel but we got them right after the sun was up. We got 4 butts on the smokers around midnight and they took forever to get to the temps I like so I did alot of pacing and swearing. I took 2 smokers with me and Bobby bailed my butt out again by letting me use one of his (thanks brother). We had Giles O'Neal helping us with this cook and he was an enormous help. He has been friends with Amber and I since we took the judging class back in 2009. Saturday went by in a flash we has Loin,Chicken,Pulled Pork, Ribs and Brisket to get turned in with a 30 minute window between catagories. Overall we were pleased with the way our product came out and glad we finished 17th overall.the highlite of the day was finishing 2nd in Brunswick Stew and the kids getting to walk up on stage. Looks like Jackson will be our next cook and I am excited about this one too.

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