Monday, August 22, 2011

Griffin Ribs and Rolling BBQ contest

The BBQ adventure started againthis weekend with the Ribs and Rolling BBQ contest and car show in Griffin Ga. Bobby and I headed out of Macon around noon on Friday,we got a late start but Griffin was only about 43 miles from the house so it was a short trip. We got lost as usual trying to find the fairgrounds but all it took was one phone call to Carl Williams(Smokin Willy) and we found it in no time. Glen and Melanie got in around 3:00 and we set up camp only to run into our first obstacle, we had no power or so we thought. Turns out we had a power surge that wreaked havock with a few teams around us and with us too, shorted out the complete electrical in the trailer, took out a fan and more importantly fried Glens Traeger Grill. We entered two of the three ancillary catagories and needed to get chicken cooked and Brunswick Stew hot for turn in later and we were a smoker down. It was time for plan B or should I say plan D and we fired up the drum smokers while Glen got the chicken prepped. We hit both turn ins without a hitch and was pleased with the product we had cooked plus we had leftovers so dinner was served. Glen and I decided to split the cook he was doing the butts and I was doing the ribs and we both did a loin and let the team decide which to turn in. 57 Smokehouse is notorious for late night fireworks and this contest was no different but thats all I will say about that to protect the innocent. Loin was the first turn in and the team went with Glens loin over mine and I agreed whole heartedly with their decision. Pulled pork was next and I watched the presentation of this box very closely and learned more in 20 minutes than in the previous contest we have done. Ribs was our last meat to turn in and by the grace of god Amber showed up in time for her and Melanie to put together a good looking box of ribs. We didn't make the top three in any of the catagories(this time) and you would not believe how hot is was out there,I think we hit 100 around 10 a.m. so the only thing cooking now was us. More to come

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