Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Time to update the blog

It's time to catch the blog up to date. I have been slacking so much with the competetiions and having a baby no alot of time to post but I promise I will get better. We have been trying to get the UDS business off the ground with limited success but we are still getting our feet wet in the new business. We are offering Drum Smokers starting at $125 for a basic model and going up in price capping off at $250 for a custom job. We are running an ad in The BBQ Times news paper please check it out. We are getting closer to the baby getting here ( Aug 8th is the due date) and we are so excited to get Parker into the family. Looks like the next contest we wil be cooking will be in Griffin Ga. in August, it has been a long layoff with the GBA and we are itching to get back cooking. That means it's time to get practicing soon and hopefully this heat will break soon it has been misreable for the past few weeks and we need a break. I will post again soon guys and thanks for reading

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