Monday, February 7, 2011

Lets get caught up.

It has been an intresting start to the 2011 year for 57 Smokehouse BBQ full of highs and lows already. As some of you guys know we have been doing fund raising for Sams Club for their MDA and CMN charities, well that has come to an abrupt end until we get our (very expensive) vendors license. We are now on the search for a commercial kitchen we can use as a base of operation as well as a vending trailer. I have a lead on a few trailers that Coke is selling but I dont know if I can modify them enough to suit our needs but def worth a look. We would like to thank Sams for the opportunity that they provided us and all the great people we met through our short stint there. 57 Smokehouse will be back on the road soonbut until then I guess we will concentrate on finally getting into the competetion scene and see how we do there.. Thanks guys Alan

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