Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thank You Sams Club

I just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU to Rochelle and the staff at Sams Club for the opportunity for 57 Smokehouse to serve our BBQ for the past 5 weeks. It was a great experience for Amber and I to be able to get our product out to the public. We made some great contacts as well as friends and customers. The feedback was so positive about our food as well as our service. We helped raise money for The Childrens Miracle Network and it was our pleasure to support such a great cause. We hope that in the future we can do these types of cooks for other charities and groups. This has been a golden opportunity for us to get alot of practice cooks in for preperation for the contest in Macon in July,it will be our first and we are so excited. Th future looks bright for us at 57 Smokehouse and the sky's the limit.

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