Saturday, March 6, 2010

We ate way too much

The contest is over and as usual we ate way too much but had a blast. The contest was well organized and we had a record number of cook teams and about 50 judges show up. The food was awesome and the decesions were hard but we made it through it. As promised I posted pics from todays contest and it was a beautiful day finally. The fellowship of the judging corp is priceless and they are a great group of friends. Our next contest is in Thomasville in about two weeks and that one will be an overnighter. I'll keep everyone posted on upcoming events. Long day and ready for a nap so on that I will say goodnight

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  1. I’m both a word nerd and a BBQ buff. I recently added a post that looks into the origins of the word “barbeque”. You might be interested in looking it over. And by all means, let me know what know about the word.

    Keep up the good work.