Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday started the UDS build

I actually started the build yesterday with the initial burn and that took all day. Today I brought the drum home and had to sand the inside to get rid of the residual liner. A quick trip to Lowes for the supplies needed to complete the build. The inside of the drum was then sprayed with cooking spray to protect from oxydation and rusting. I then headed to wally world for some paint and decided on the red paint scheme for this one. The pictures are the drum with three coats for the day. Tomorrow I will apply another three coats and the start with the hardware. I should be ready for the season burn by tomorrow night. A trip to Academy is still in order for the thermo and basket as well as the grates.I will do the season burn with cherry and pecan woods. As you can see by the looks of my porch alot of spring cleaning is needed and will be accomplished this week,depends on the weather. Everyone have a safe and productive week.

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