Monday, January 18, 2010

Practice ,practice ,practice

In the coming months leading up to the comp season I get many happy days of practice. The family and friends should be eating good. Heck I'm even gonna try to sell some the Q. Amber is a bartender at one of the largest County bars in town and we know how well BBQ and BEER go together should be an easy sell. Amber went and loaded up at Krogers meatapolooza today which means many hours on the smoker for me. I love going to work the next day smelling of smoke even after 3 rounds of showers. Co-workers asking why I didn't bring them any (a little donation will get you fed )one day they will get the hint. Amber and I are going to get the catering end of our new endeavour put into high gear in the coming months also. I figure I'm already poor might as well be happy being poor and cooking BBQ makes me happy. Alan

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